Monday, April 4, 2011

BookSneeze The Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey is a book written by Charles Foster. I began reading his book about a month ago and have not made it past Chapter 3. This is the longest it has taken me to really get into a book. The idea and its message are truly inspiring for Christians (a word he does not want us to use).  We are disciples that should walk closely with God and follow him wherever he leads us. We should not take anything but a will to serve him and live on the edges of existence. We should not be at the "hub" of anything. We should be wanderers, outcasts among society. He speaks about pilgrimage and how it is the journey itself that is important. It is never really supposed to be about the destination. We should embrace the journey. There are certain parts of this book that I want to embrace wholeheartedly and live out in my life each day. I want to become a shoeless, hungry, ragged individual who is in constant movement closer to the Lord. I want to serve in many ways, I want to reach people right next door to me and as far away from me as well. The only hang up I have with this book that has prevented me from finishing it...has been the author's insults at a christian missionary for crying over the lostness of the lost. I do not understand this comment. Perhaps, I have missed something between the lines. I will press forward however, I will finish this book!

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