Monday, October 25, 2010

a Lineage of Grace

I have been for the past month trying to finish what has proven to be an excellent book by Francine Rivers. The book is a compilation of stories about five incredibly strong women. I started the book and had already completed the story of Tamar before our pastor began his newest sermon series, "Whatever It Takes". I could not pick a better story than Tamar's to describe how we are to do whatever it takes for the God we serve.  Her strength and faith in a God she knew so little about was unbreakable. Despite the fact that she was a Caananite, she sought knowledge of Judah's God. I have heard Tamar's story many times and yet I am still amazed by her every time. We should all strive for that same immeasurable passion for the Lord. We should all do whatever it takes to glorify him throughout our lives. Each of us should lead such a life that would cause others who come after us to be amazed by our story.

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